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Live Alive

Purposeful Accountability™ Philosophy

Welcome to Live Alive! We are a modern empowerment lifestyle brand with a mission to create a movement of self-actualized and wholehearted women through a peer-based mastermind accountability mentorship series. The Live Alive series is made up of peer-driven accountability circles of four women, we call them echelons, to mirror the rotating migration of birds toward warmer climates. Live Alive echelons gather twice a month for one year, similar to the traditional book club model with one simple twist, the subject of the series moves away from a piece of literature and instead focuses on specific goals of individuals in the group - one individual, the entire session, one session at a time.

The Live Alive series provides a framework created to turn simple curiosities or long-held aspirations into step-by-step accountable monthly action plans designed to fulfill goals in one year. Moving the "someday I will" toward the "this year I did" the ultimate mission of the Live Alive series is to establish a movement of aggregated women who have not only adapted the Live Alive mentality of aligning aspirations with personal values in their own lives but have also committed to the collective growth of other women. 

Packaged into three different annual experience subscriptions the series is scalable to meet the needs of each echelon and member

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Welcome to

Purposeful Accountability!

The impetus to begin this series stems from each of you. From all of us. From our collective ability as trusted accountability partners to turn hazy aspirations into focused ideas. What you will find within the Live Alive community is not only a circle of accomplished, nuanced, authentic and gritty women but also the realization that building and supporting someone else’s goal is equal if not more gratifying than accomplishing one of your own!  


I come from a major event background where I've held leadership positions across eight Olympic & Paralympic Games, lived in seven different countries, and worked on high-stakes projects across the entertainment, sports, tech, and non-profit sectors. In that world, my job is to make everything look flawless to the visible eye, even though behind the scenes is often complete chaos. Translated, that means I'm a navigator of checklists and itemized schedules and deadlines. Simply, I have learned how to get things done! Most people hear my story and say, "wow, that is so exciting", and it is, but what took me decades to learn is that my life’s work was lying amongst the messy uncertainty.  I realized that what motivates and lights me up is often not the flashy showcase but rather the messy process of people aligning with their purpose.  


This is where Live Alive was born. From three friends living and working in London on the 2012 Olympic Games and deeply understanding the value of the messy middle. One successfully navigating the next steps of a new business, another pivoting to a more creative role within the industry, and the third dipping one toe out of project management and successfully into stand up comedy!


Where the magic happened was in the realization that through the encouragement, dedication, and accountability of our partners, we are better able to remove obstacles and construct curated action plans to achieve our goals! Live Alive is a community that gets you from A to B without judgment, without comparison, and through a simple step-by-step process. By gathering together in settings that delight us and through experiences that inspire us, we develop habits that embolden us to Live. Alive. 


Together, let's rise.


Join Us! - Bev Carey Berman

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