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Live Alive FAQ's


Who is part of the Live Alive Community?

Live Alive is for groups or individuals identifying as women who are committed to the collective growth of other women. We are those ready to move from A to B, learn from a wide range of voices, and are passionate about lifting those around us to their highest ground. We are a community in touch with our personal values and aimed toward living according to their curated compass for each of us. We are ready to step into our morning light and live fully alive. 



Why are Live Alive cohorts referred to as "Echelons" and how are they formed?

Like birds in flight, participants of the Live Alive Series serve as equal parts leader and navigator, vacillating between taking the lead and flying at the wingtip; embracing the concepts of accountability, vulnerability, and commitment to migrate the flock one upwash and one downwash at a time, toward our warmer climates. 

Echelons are formed either prior to joining Live Alive or as part of the application process. If you have an existing group looking for a structure and a framework to keep you on track, you are welcome to join as a cohesive group. If you are looking to be placed within an Echelon, we will work with you during the application process to match you with an Echelon based on your accountability partnership style, values, commitment level and ensuring each echelon represents a range of diversified voices. You will not be charged for your subscription until you are placed within a thoughtfully matched echelon. 

What is the cost to join Live Alive?

After the application process is complete, Live Alive offers two subscription​ options: 10% donation goes to the Live Alive Provisions of Support Organization of your choosing

Clock and Plant

What is the time commitment?

  • Live Alive Series - Peer-led groups of four meeting twice per month for two hours = 4 hours per month for one year is the recommended time commitment model

Is Live Alive for me?

Live Alive is for you...

  • if you are looking to get "unstuck"

  • Your mind is racing with ideas but you struggle to gain traction

  • Your ideas are laying dormant behind busy schedules

  • You have a support circle but are looking for structure to achieve purposeful accountability and actionable results.

  • You are ready to commit to a support circle of nuanced and trusted partners

  • You believe in the power of women moving other women forward

  • You believe that comparison is a silent killer and you are ready to deal in the truth

  • You believe in the power of diversified voices and are ready to hold space for one another through honest conversation.

  • You are looking to carve out time for self-discovery and growth.

  • You are looking for a safe space to build community and connect with others who will mentor you with accountability and safely move you forward.

  • You are READY to do the thing you've always wanted to do!



All the offerings of the Live Alive Series + an immersive event experience inclusive of crafted kick-off and series celebration dinners, mid-series coaching on sustainable change and quarterly gatherings with the Live Alive Community



Twelve-month intensive

Focus on discovering or pursuing a targeted goal using the tenets of purposeful accountability, a trusted circle of partners, and the tools to make you successful. Graduate into the "for graduates only"

Live Alive Mastermind

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