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Purposeful Accountability Does Not Equal Judgment

If yo

u are at all like me, you have to sit with the idea of accountability for a minute. Especially during these complex and complicated times, the word accountability can incite a heaviness or dread of having to exert too much energy and effort. Dig in a bit deeper and accountability may even feel like a probable possibility of letting someone else down or not measuring up to others who seem, at least at a surface level, to be "getting it all done".

However, when we consider accountability from the viewpoint of purposeful alignment and collaborative support rather than by punishable measures, we open the door to a more alluring idea. By leveraging accountability as a framework and an engine to align our goal setting with what we value and what naturally fuels us; it begins to look more like momentum, like reinforcement, and like connections built on foundations without judgment!

We've all seen it and felt it, that energy that comes from someone who is aligned and in flow with their why, their mission or deep aspiration, their "right stuff". It's compelling, striking, palpable! It is also profoundly motivating, and incites us to think about our own "why" and possibly even encourages us to take the very first step in a new direction. By first aiming to identify what we value and allowing ourselves to envision living and achieving in alignment with those values, we begin to see our motivation levels increase. When we pair that vision with a circle of support created to serve as a safe space to vulnerably and bravely explore and as a mirror to the influence we have on others when we are living in our alignment; we ultimately eliminate the punishable measurement and the "death by comparison" pressure to act and instead replace it with a framework that invigorates action through the joy and reward of piloting one another into our flow.

Maya Angelou says, "I do my best because I'm counting on you counting on me"

Let's count on one another to light our paths toward

Living Alive.

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